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Of mice and bass; no fan of rodents
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I don’t know about you but I can’t stand rats, mice any other type of rodent. 

When my son was younger he asked for a hamster for a short period of time — I’m so glad that that phased passed. 

The reason I bring this up is because recently I’ve had a few mice or rats make their way onto my yard. As I was sitting at my kitchen table while looking out into my yard I thought I saw something run by the tomato plant. Sure enough, it was a rat and it was eating the tomatoes. 

I immediately pulled out that plant and purchased one of the best rat/mouse traps that the store had in stock. Long story short, I ended up catching one rat and have my trap set in case there’s any more on my property.

How this is related to fishing, is that bass are known to eat mice and rats that try their luck at swimming across bass-infested waters. I’ve seen various videos of bass feeding on just about anything they can fit in their mouths, including baby ducks, birds, and frogs.

Last year, a friend of mine took a few bass home to cook and while he was cleaning one out he found a mouse in its stomach. Since then he no longer keeps bass to eat. 

Delta Report

Striped bass fishing is starting to pick up for a lot of local anglers. Most of them are targeting the inlets of the many flooded islands found throughout the Delta. Franks Tract and Sherman Islands are two of the most popular hangouts for stripers feeding on shad.

Bass fishing is good for anglers just looking to catch something. There are a lot of smaller fish feeding on the shad. Shad imitating crank baits and rattle traps are working well right now for both largemouth bass and stripers. 

There is also a good bluegill bite around just about any set of boat docks. Red worms and Wax Worms are producing well.


New Melones Lake

Trout fishing is starting to improve. Anglers trolling are beginning to pick up a few limits while trolling the main lake and the mouths of major creeks between 30 and 90 feet deep. Shad-patterned Needlefish, Excels, Vance’s Slim Fins, and Speedy Shiners seem to be the baits of choice. 

Night fishing under submersible lights is also producing quality limits with the best action towards the backs of the coves and creek channels. Bank fishing continues to be slow, but it should improve as the water temperatures continue to cool. 

Catfishing continues to be good for anglers fishing with chicken livers through the night. Bass fishing continues to be good for large numbers for those fishing small plastics and tossing shad imitating lures.  


Lake Don Pedro

Trout fishing is hit or miss on the lake. Anglers are struggling to pinpoint a pattern. As the water cools in the coming months fishing for trout on the lake should improve. 

Bass fishing remains good for anglers who are locating schools of bass feeding on schools of shad. Fishing around main lake points and flooded island tops seems to be the pattern. In the early-morning hours, anglers are having some luck while fishing with top water baits. 


Lake Pardee

No reports of any kokanee being caught. The trout have also become illusive and are not congregating in any one location. Try along the Narrows, barrel line, and in front of the spillway between 40 and 60 feet deep. The hot lures for trout continue to be Thomas buoyant lures in gold/red, rainbow and fire tiger 18 inches behind flashers sling blades or dodgers tipped with a crawler. 

There was recently 2,000 pounds of trout planted. Anglers fishing off the bank in the launch ramp cove scored limits of trout while fishing with power bait. 

Bass fishing continues to be good up stream in the river arm and around the coves near the river inlet. 


Tip of the Week

If you know that the place you’re going fishing doesn’t have cell phone service, it’s good to turn your phone off completely. With my phone at least, if left on, it will continue to search for a signal, while draining my phones battery. 


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