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TRX workout can get you to the next level
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Wendy Deulus – a personal fitness trainer who specializes in the TRX suspension system – suggested I try a 45-minute session.

It sounded like one of those TV exercise equipment gimmicks of questionable value. But by the time it was over I was convinced that the TRX system as well as having a personal trainer that is dedicated to dialing you in to doing exercises the right way while taking into account your Achilles’ Heels can take anybody to that elusive “next level.”

I’m not exactly in super shape but I do exercise seven days a week mixing it up with jogging, cycling, hand weights and bars at home, and group exercise classes at In Shape.

About a year ago when my schedule changed making it impossible to hit the three weekday 6 a.m. group exercise classes, I starting going to the 9:30 a.m. sessions. That exposed me to other instructors and other exercise routines including more diversity with hand weights and exercise balls.

I was amazed at how the past year has transformed my body and even my outlook on life. But after just one session using the TRX under a guidance of a personal trainer I could see where it is a much more effective way at achieving fitness goals.

You aren’t just using straps. In my case I was using my 165 pounds of body weight to get a work out. Even though I thought I had good balance and fairly strong legs from high impact aerobics and a lot of jump squats, I found myself after just five minutes challenging myself like I never have before.

The TRX exercises employ the whole body to strengthen your trunk and core strength. That is key if you’ve ever taken a spill, been jarred or – in my case – gone flying off a racing bicycle at 40 mph downhill.

More important than the TRX system itself is using a knowledgeable personal trainer that takes 100 percent interest in your fitness and goals.

In a chat beforehand we discussed my shoulder issues. She noted modifications that I had never thought of before that allowed me to safely push my preconceived limits. And doing the exercises using the suspension straps meant I could safely push the envelope as I was using my body weight and not a pair of 12-pound hand weights to run my shoulders through a full range of exercises.

You just don’t work your upper body in one set of exercises and then your lower body in others. The TRX system lets you work everything at once.

It is easy to see how using TRX with a personal trainer can fast track fitness goals.