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Blueberry thrill: Pick your own at Jessop Farms

RIPON – The blueberry bushes are full and ripe with fruit and in abundance.

Now is the time to take the family to Jessop Farms, 21386 S. Murphy Road.

“If you wait until late June you may be disappointed,” according to a recent posting on the business’ social network website.

Friday was the grand opening of the 20-acre farm featuring organically-grown blueberries, strawberries and almonds. A new play area coupled with five tons of new blue sand was recently added to the agricultural facility.

“There are plenty of activities for the kids,” said Shay Cazagnaro of Jessop Farms.

The grounds will also feature a bounce house, picnic area, putt-putt golf green and Koi pond.

The Jessop Farm experience is about families picking their own produce. They’re encouraged to wear hats, comfortable shoes and pants.

Jessop Farms provides the buckets.

Not interested in picking the fruit? No problem. Fresh blueberries picked by the staff and ready to go available for purchase.

Those visiting Jessop Farms can also enjoy the expansive showcase of landscaping and decorating ideas for home or business thanks to Yosemite Nursing and Rock.

Hard to believe that this was the same land that was once home to sickly almond trees.

Michigan native Loren Jessop bought the land some time ago and hatched a plan of tending the soil and adding nutrients and organic matter to the delicate blueberry bushes.

He also opted to go with a more natural route with the “you-pick” system. Jessop, in turn, managed to preserve the tradition of Central Valley’s agricultural-rich land with a fun-filled day and safe adventure for families to enjoy.

Blueberries from Jessop Farms were recently made available at the Farmers Market in Ripon. About 200 pounds were reportedly picked for the downtown event last Thursday.

Plans call for Bing cherries, lavender and Rosemary to be brought in fresh for next week’s Farmers Market.

Jessop Farms – produce is also made available at the Manteca Farmers Market along with some of the fruit stands on Highway 120 – will be open from Monday through Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.



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