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It was a simply Medieval lesson for seventh graders at St. Anthonys
pic medeval-2
Seventh-grade teacher Mary Ann Tolbert displays her Medieval wear at the luncheon - photo by VINCE REMBULAT
Savannah Jackson incorporated some the adversities that her family has managed overcome in recent years for her coat of arms project.

“My mom had breast cancer and my dad had a heart attack,” said the St. Anthony School seventh-grade student.

For that, Jackson, who was seated at the Wednesday luncheon near Malia Blanson and Elizabeth Foehringer, drew in pink ribbons – the international symbol of breast cancer awareness – in honor of her mother and a red heart for her father in the class project.

According to teacher Mary Ann Tolbert, this project is part of the seventh-grade curriculum on Medieval Europe.

Her class experienced some of life in the Middle Ages, enjoying a sit-down feast without use of utensils and taking in a Medieval tournament provided by Ancient Artifacts of Sacramento.

“They came here in lieu of a field trip,” Tolbert said.

Ken Hawks, who is the History Enrichment Educator, noted that the tournament is usually the highlight to the presentation. Included are three fully armored knights from different periods of the era involved in a choreographed combat.

They demonstrated judicial duels, the ransom tournament, and the passage of arms.

Students, in addition, had a chance to get dressed for the occasion, wearing costumes and period garb of Medieval Europe.