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Hunters mom: She would have done things differently
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The mother of 11-year-old Hunter Davis wishes she would have done things differently.

Just two days after learning that her youngest son had died from the gunshot wound to the head he sustained a week earlier, Charlene Johnson held back tears as she explained the final moments that she saw her bubbly, outgoing son as he jumped out of her car and towards the house of a friend.

“Don’t come before five to pick me up,” he quipped.

That was the last thing he would ever say to her.

According to police, 17-year-old Zak Hurlburt would, later that evening, shoot 11-year-old Davis in the head and then fire a round at his 17-year-old brother Ray down a hallway, hitting him in the arm. The bullet lodged itself in Hunter’s brain and although he spent a week battling for his life at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, the prognosis was never a step above dire.

“He shot him point blank in the head for no reason – Hunter didn’t even see it coming,” Johnson said during a press conference Wednesday from the Kiwanis Family House across from the hospital where the family has been staying. “And then he shot my son, down the hallway.”

Johnson said that she had reservations about leaving her sons at that house, and that she even went back later that night to pick them up. By that time it was too late.

“It nags at me. It bothers me,” she said. “If I would have gotten out I would have seen that they were drinking and I wouldn’t have left them there.”

On Tuesday the Manteca Police Department arrested Christa McGrath and Carlos Calzado – both of whom have been charged with felony child endangerment and criminal storage of a firearm. Investigators believe that both furnished alcohol to the minors who were drinking at the house and stayed to party with them. They also believe that both knew that there was a gun in the house.

The charges against Hurlburt were amended after Davis’ death to homicide, and it has been reported that he will be tried as an adult for the murder.

Neighbors described the Davis siblings as “vagabond children” who often roamed the neighborhood looking for food to eat and a place to sleep. They indicated the family had moved to Modesto but the boys would always find their way back to their old neighborhood one way or another.