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3 Rivers Indian Pow Wow continues today & Sunday
Pow Wow
Richard Vigil of the Southern States has been a regular of the local pow wow at the Three Rivers Indian Lodge for the better part of nearly four decades.

Honoring the Family.

That was the theme for this weekend’s 41st annual Pow Wow presented by Native Directions Inc. / Three Rivers Indian Lodge.

The three-day special event featured the wedding of Frances and Richard Leroy, who gladly agreed to showcase their traditional nuptials upon the urging of Three Rivers program director Ramona Valdez and Kaylene Kimple.

Richard Leroy credits the Manteca facilities for his 10 years of sobriety.

“I’m an alumni here,” he said.

The day was about family, in particular, that of the Leroys and Rochas.

“Everyone here is our family, from as far as the eye can see,” said Richard Leroy not too long after he and his new bride Frances exchanged vows in the pow wow arena.

Ceremonial drumming was performed by younger members of the family, Dougie and Robert Leroy.

The newlyweds have known each other for the better part of 10 years, with Frances being from nearby San Jose. She’s part Apache and Yaqui Indian.

Richard is originally from Oklahoma. His tribal roots are that of Omaha and Ponca.

Folks came from nearby and the various states to share this special day with the Leroys.

After the celebration, the pow wow featured Gourd dancing followed by the Bears, in their final scheduled appearance, performing a healing circle dance into the wee hours.

Richard Vigil was already in full regalia at the pow wow.

He represents the Southern States and was scheduled to once again perform in the arena during the weekend event at Three Rivers.

“I’ve been doing this as long as this pow wow has been around,” said Vigil, who lives in Morgan Hill.

He’ll also be part of the grand entry scheduled today at noon and again at 7 p.m.

Grand Entry on Sunday will be at 1 p.m.

Michael Burgess will be the masters of ceremonies while Art Martinez will serve as AD.

Robert Leroy has the honor of headman and Frances O. Rocha is the headwoman.

For more information, call 209.858.2421.