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look at this year's filing season, through April 5:


— Returns filed so far: 96.6 million.

— Share of taxpayers getting a refund: 81 percent.

— Total amount of refunds issued so far: $214 billion.

— Average refund: $2,755.

— Average refund in 2012: $2,794.

— The rise of computers: 89 percent of returns have been filed electronically.

— Clinging to the past: That leaves 11 percent still filing paper returns.

— These people are getting a refund: 29 percent of Americans in a Pew Research Center poll said they like doing their taxes.

— These people are getting a big refund: 5 percent said they love doing their taxes.

— These people are not getting a refund: 26 percent said they hate doing their taxes.

— As of March 9, the IRS detected 220,821 fraudulent returns.

— Number of fraudulent returns involving identity theft: 85,385.

— Amount of fraudulent refunds stopped by the IRS: $1.8 billion.

— Ever wonder why tax laws are so complicated? Number of lobbyists registered to lobby Congress on taxes: 6,503.

— Number of organizations that pay lobbyists to lobby Congress on taxes: 2,221.

— Value of tax breaks enjoyed by corporations in 2011, as measured by the Government Accountability Office: $181 billion.

— Amount of corporate income tax revenue collected in 2011: $181 billion.


Sources: IRS; Pew Research Center; Treasury inspector general for tax administration; Sunlight Foundation.