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Phone case with Disney characters, Mormon temple draws buzz
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SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Disney-loving Mormons are buzzing over a phone case made by an Australian company that features the characters from “Beauty and the Beast” in front of the Mormon temple in Salt Lake City.

A Hong Kong designer thought it was a castle.

Katie Hoyos, a mother of four boys, is a megafan of the 1991 animated classic and a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She posted a photo of the case on Facebook.

The post has gained attention on social media, The Salt Lake Tribune reported last week. Hoyos said she’s a bit baffled by the attention and said she never intended for her or the image to go viral.

She said she thought it was amusing that the Australian manufacturer probably had no idea that the majestic six-spired granite building isn’t a fairy-tale castle but rather a place where Mormons complete religious rites, including baptisms for the dead and eternal marriages.

Pinky Beauty Australia, which manufactured the case, said it has sold out since Hoyos’ post.