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Popeyes manager fired after robbery can return to work
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CHANNELVIEW, Texas (AP) — A manager of a fast-food restaurant in Texas has been offered her job back after saying she was fired because she wouldn’t pay back the nearly $400 she turned over from the store’s register during an armed robbery.

Popeyes manager Marissa Holcomb, who is pregnant and has three children, also received an apology Wednesday from the restaurant’s franchise owner, KHOU-TV reported.

Holcomb says the armed man demanded money from the safe during the March 31 robbery, but she could only open the registers. Holcomb says that after the robbery, one of her managers told her that she had to pay the stolen money back or lose her job.

“I don’t think it’s right because now I’m struggling for my family because what I had to do to keep my life,” she said.

Owner Amin Dhanani said Holcomb was fired because she broke store policy by leaving too much money in the register. Dhanani claimed she broke the policy multiple times.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen’s corporate office said it regrets the way the situation was handled.

Holcomb, who was offered $2,000 in back pay, isn’t sure if she will return to the store in Channelview, which is about 16 miles east of Houston.

“I do need a way to support my kids,” she said. “I don’t want to go back to a business where I’m treated the same and I just get pushed back out if something else happened.”