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Finally! Summer vacation is here for students
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On the Ripon High campus Friday students were all smiles and excitement as they realized the always-sacred countdown to the end of the school year was finally over.

It doesn’t matter what season the calendar indicates, summer has arrived at last. Now instead of studying for tests one can visit the beach, or even better yet, sleep!

For many, summer is the signal of a short and blessed reprieve until August comes around and students are once again forced to say hello to another year of the same old school routine. But of course, exceptions remain.

 To the high school graduates of 2013, it is the precursor to the greeting of a whole new life. They have to willingly walk away from the comforts of childhood and start their trek towards adulthood. They must now take on the always unpredictable “real world” and find the courage it takes to conquer it. It is no small task.

 So to all 2013 graduates- I congratulate you on your successful escape from high school. Regardless of what school you attend or what you intend to do after; you have done something to be proud of. And I believe it is safe to say that everyone wishes you all the luck on  your future endeavors, whatever they may be.