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Personalized bricks in place at RHS field
$25K donation will help finish initial phase
Bricks-laid-DSC 5783-LT
Stephanie Hobbs, Jordan Gibson and Emily Hobbs were at the Ripon High Stadium Monday laying more than 300 bricks at the stadium walkway under the direction of restoration superintendent Vince Hobbs. - photo by GLENN KAHL

The Hobbs family worked from dawn to dusk Monday to lay personalized fund raising bricks in the walkway from the ticket booth to the snack bar at the Ripon High athletic field.

There had been a miscommunication between the brick layer on the date the bricks would be delivered etched with names of individuals, businesses and families. Vince Hobbs, who has been directing the renovation of the athletic field for several years, elicited the help of family members and students to get the job done in one day.

Even Jordan Gibson, a 2012 graduate of RHS and a cheerleading coach at the high school as well as a cheerleader at U.C. Davis, was on hand to help.

Emily Hobbs also continued to support her parents’ effort with the renovation joining them at 6:30 a.m. sharp at the field.  Emily is in her fourth year of college majoring in psychology at UOP.

The red bricks were etched not only with names of individuals and families  but also messages crammed into the seven-inch long bricks that were placed in 25 X 96 inch cutouts in the concrete walkway.

One read, “In loving memory of Bryon DeHoog,” who lost a valiant fight with cancer.  Another said, “Don’t Just Speak Love – Show Love.”  Another offered recognition to a valiant young girl now facing brain cancer recovery in Ripon that read, “To Laurie Reilly, RHS Stadium Project.” 

The finding of a long lost senior class ring near the goal post reads, “Tim & Nancy Bunnell, Ring Lost 1973,  Ring Found 2012.”

The entire family of the late Dr. Benn are reflected in bricks as are the Hobbs family members.

Ripon Community Athletic Foundation President  Stephanie Hobbs said she received a $25,000 donation  Monday from an anonymous donor that completes the Phase One fund raising effort.  The work on Phase One will be finished by the end of October, according to Vince Hobbs. It involves some 27 projects.

Hobbs said those projects include pouring sidewalks to the discus and shot put areas plus laying down 20,000 square feet of sod to replace the practice field and the area beneath the redwood trees.

Hobbs said she is getting back into grant writing to secure funds for the all-weather track that will cost some $375,000.   She said she is looking for corporate investors who want to help in the cause.

The Ripon fund raising has already brought in some $375,000 cash to help with the renovation of the field, but there have been some $1.1 million in improvements. The difference is represented in in-kind contributions of work and materials.