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Ripon High water gun battle has $324 payday
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This was the second week of Assassination. What is Assassination? It’s probably not what you’re thinking.

The Assassination Game is a tradition among Ripon High students (though the high school itself has nothing to do with it) where 16 teams of various upperclassmen are assembled and a prize pool, this year $325, is created.

The teams shoot each other with water guns; once you are hit- you are out. When all the team members are gone, your group is out, and you have lost the game. Good sportsmanship and honesty is required. Assassination is typically just an entertaining diversion, but this year, some slight troubles have come up. A handful of students getting a bit carried away, a dog bite, and a minor car collision for starters.

Administrators and law enforcement, understandably concerned, have been warning students and threatening assorted punishments for misconduct over morning announcements. What do students think about the warnings? Well, the announcement was accompanied by more than a few snickers, but after talking to some students, I was told, “We’ll take it into consideration, but we are still going to play.” And a couple, “We’ll be a bit more careful.” Everyone understands the seriousness of the warnings and intend to comply.

Overall, though, participants say they will be more cautious, but intend to continue to enjoy the game, in accordance to the law, of course.