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Volleyball makes Ripon, RCS grads winners
Ripons Adrienne Uecker leads a huddle for the Ripon faculty team. - photo by HIME ROMERO

Friday was the annual Sober Grad Volleyball Game between Ripon High and Ripon Christian High.

The volleyball event is made up of three games: JV, teachers, and Varsity with all proceeds from the game go to Sober Grad. Sober Grad is exactly what it implies. On graduation night all graduates pull an all nighter at the multipurpose room where they are locked in playing games and winning prizes until they are released the next morning.

Sober Grad was created to ensure high school graduates have a fun but alcohol free night, with hopes that no tragedies take place that could have been prevented. Sober Grad relies on the revenue from events like the volleyball games.

From the perspective of an Indian the games were very entertaining. It was a good try by our junior varsity team, you’ll get them next year guys. Varsity’s game was close, but no cigar. Great sportsmanship, though, on both sides!

Now the teacher’s game was the most interesting. Back and forth each set. Diving and spiking from each side with wonderful effort, but the Indians staff was victorious. The students really enjoyed that game but one complaint heard from a senior was, “I wish more teachers had played, or, well, tried to.” There was a curious lack of teachers on the sidelines, which greatly disappointed our tribe. But to all the teachers and helpers that did play- good job.

For all the people who played, put together, and watched this event, thank you. Ripon Christian Knights, thanks for the wonderful competition, but don’t worry, we’ll get you next year.