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A novel idea to cover expense of landscaping upkeep
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I read your article about the proposed cost to Manteca for landscaping. When we first moved here four years ago I was amazed that this city looked as bad as it did, no pride in the city anywhere. I traveled in my job for years and always enjoyed going to southern Oregon because they had these manicured on and off ramps that I was told were maintained by seniors and volunteers I was so impressed by this, but being a senior I don't see myself out mowing grass so I came up with an idea that might work.

Here in Manteca on any given day there are lawn service people, male and female, doing yard maintenance. My thought was these people must have business licenses that allow them to service their customers and operate in the city. If the city came up with a plan that would give yearly free fees to those lawn companies that accept an area that they have to post signage saying that this is maintained by them with their company info and phone number, if their work stands out then they should pick up additional business, all of the areas could be done in an hour or less every two or three weeks, inspections by someone from the city to make sure that the work is being done, and if not, a license fee penalty would be imposed.

There could also be a competition between the companies for the best example of maintenance with an award of some sort at the end of the year, plus their picture in The Bulletin.

Certain large intersections could have two or more companies maintaining them. This could be a win-win situation for the city, increased fees for licenses and maintenance on the areas needed. This is not for city median work. it would be for entrances and exits into or out of Manteca only.

Ed Lee


March 11, 2012