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Reader proud of volunteers that put up 2,400 flags
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin

Monday (Labor Day) as we were running errands about 3 p.m. in town, we observed the wonderful volunteers taking down the 2,400 American Flags along our main streets (that the Manteca Chamber of Commerce is in charge of). 

There were women and men of different ethnicity, young and old, volunteering to provide this display of patriotism that we all, as Mantecans, get to enjoy. It always makes my heart feel full when I see these flags along the streets on the holidays. It is not an easy volunteer job; these folks get up before dawn and put them up, just to take them down about 12 hours later.

 That is time taken away from their families and their holiday festivities. So a big shout out to these kind people. Thank you!

Carroll LaGraffe