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Baca: Aquila decides to blame Dems ‘for Trump’s own racism’

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The first letter from our own Cowboy Frank was again, simply a barrage of half-truths and all out B.S. echoing, as he usually does, the Liar-in-Chief, Trump (Over 6,000 documented lies and counting). So I just wrote it off as more rubbish and ignored it. (“Democrats continue their ‘anti-American agenda’ during July” ) that ran on Aug. 2 by Frank Aquila.

On Saturday, (“Playing race card is designed to keep Blacks voting for Dems”) Aug. 10, by Aquila. decides to blame Democrats for Trump’s blatant racism, going back about 100 years and more, even during slavery, and then fast forwarding to the rise of the KKK, again repeating, as he does every chance he gets, how the KKK was in Democratic hands, which was true, but that changed a long time ago. Today, the KKK is pure Republican. Today you will not find even one KKK member who is not Republican, from the leadership all the way down to the lowest member. The White Nationalist movement is also pure Republican the White Supremist movement, ditto . . .

Cowboy Frank rails against the ANTIFA movement. I wonder if Cowboy Frank even knows what that means? (It means Anti-Fascist). I guess since Cowboy Frank is against ANTIFA, he must be for Fascism. Which would make sense since Trump seems to be a full on fascist as well as a racist.

Cowboy Frank cites how Trump has only done good things for the Black Community, removing all the cursing from his speeches to that community. (Don’t want to upset the White Supremist Evangelicals who never would dare utter a curse word, do we?) Cowboy Frank goes on and on about how Republicans are good for the Black Community and Democrats are bad. I wonder why then do the polls show his Black support about the same as his base.

Cowboy Frank talks about Trump’s racism as if it doesn’t exist, he talks only about the Black Community because he can go back in time and link the KKK to Democrats over and over again, even if it was 100 years ago, but he steers way clear of the Hispanic Community or the Muslim Community. He doesn’t even mention the White Nationalist who targeted the Hispanic Community in El Paso, does he? The White Nationalist shooter didn’t quote some Democrat in his Manifesto, he quoted Trump’s racist rhetoric against Hispanics. Cowboy Frank and his other Trump worshipers will say Trump’s racist rhetoric was “Taken out of context” or edited (We have all seen those letters as well). No, his racist rhetoric is all on tape complete and un-edited for all to see and hear. The entire Nation was in an uproar after the killings, meanwhile Trump read off something someone had written for him on the Teleprompter. And the GOP Leadership? Crickets . . .

Moscow Mitch McConnell refused to even bring up either of two bipartisan bills passed by the House on background checks for all weapon purchases even after the shootings in Gilroy, Dayton or El Paso. Trump had previously promised to veto either of those bills. Moscow Mitch refuses to call the Senate back into session to deal with the tragedies, saying he will check into it after the Senate comes back from vacation. I predict nothing will happen with Trump or Moscow Mitch or the GOP, just like they have done nothing in the countless mass killings that happened before. Thoughts and prayers is all we will ever see from this NRA owned bunch.  

The most sickening image was a grinning Trump and Melania holding a Hispanic baby who was orphaned by the white nationalist shooter, with Trump giving the thumbs-up sign as if someone won the Lotto or something. None of the other survivors in the hospital would agree to meet with Trump, none. Does Cowboy Frank know why? Here is a hint, because they know he is a full blown racist and is indirectly responsible for what happened to them in El Paso.

Two days later, before heading off to another extended vacation at one of his golf resorts, where he would once again pocket millions of your taxes, Trump ordered the largest Illegal Immigrant raid in U.S History in Mississippi. Apparently  it was in retaliation to the Hispanic response to Trump’s blatant racist rhetoric against Hispanics, which they rightly feel brought this tragedy to their community in the first place. Guess who weren’t arrested or charged with anything—  the white ownership of the meat processing plants that were raided, who illegally hired the illegals in the first place. Wonder who gave that order, the AG or Trump himself? I say Nazi Stephen Miller easily manipulated Trump into bringing this up with a willing AG, William Barr, Trump’s personal lawyer you pay for.

Larry Baca