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Irked about rude Manteca SHARP volunteer
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

On Friday I encountered the rudest Manteca Seniors Helping Area Residents & Police (SHARP) volunteer ever.  

I tried to go to work last Friday morning, which is on Airport Way directly west of Daisywood, where the road was blocked.  I found out later that there was an accident a lot further north on Airport Way.   I tried to asked the Sharp volunteer if I could just make a left right after Daisywood.  But he cut me off yelling “NO, which part of NO don’t you understand, turn around”, and he was really screaming by then.  I turned around and got in through a back gate.   A couple of hours later FedEx came to bring our paychecks and she received the same reception from him.  She came back later in the afternoon and told me, but the employee who needed his paycheck had gone home by then.  There was no reason not to let us through right there, common sense should have told him that.  We were far away from the accident.  

Our police don’t need volunteers like that.

Monika Ullmann