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Frank Aquila: Democrat politicians continued their lunacy into August
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Now that the Trump-Russian collusion proved to be false, the Democrats turned back to their old playbook of calling Trump and Republicans racists.  However, many black ministers throughout America fought back.  Reverend Darrell Scott stated, “There is nothing racist about President Trump” and Reverend Bill Owens stated, “President Trump does not pick the people he attacks because of color.  He attacks anybody he feels needs it.”

A Harvard/Harris poll in August also revealed 70 percent of all Americans and 63 percent of Black America and 61 percent of Hispanics said they would be more likely to support a 2020 presidential candidate who stands for “strengthening our border to reduce illegal immigration”.  Also, according to a Zogby poll, 49 percent of Hispanics approve of ICE raids.  I suppose now the Democrats will call these Blacks and Hispanics racist for supporting President Trump’s policies.

If racism doesn’t work, the lunatic left is hoping for a recession.  Bill Maher stated, “I hope for a recession to get rid of Trump.  Sorry if that hurts people.”  Never mind the 7 million jobs already created and Americans who are now working because of Trump’s policies.  In essence, Democrats want Trump to fail so they can blame Trump for the suffering.  As Democrats were hoping for Americans to hurt from a recession, President Trump’s tough policies are bringing China to the negotiating table to bring “Fair Trade”, which is something Democrats oppose.  

August also brought some mass shootings; but the Democrats ignored that the Dayton shooter was a supporter of socialism and Democrat Elizabeth Warren.  They also ignored the rhetoric they spewed that caused ICE agents to be shot at in San Antonio, TX or the Philadelphia officers that were shot by a thug with a firearm illegally.  There was also the knife attack in California that killed four people. There is no law or background check that would have prevented these attacks.  Yet, we must remember that Democrats blocked efforts to alert ICE when illegal immigrants failed a firearm background check.  

In California, the Democrats either thought they could change the U.S. Constitution or forgot the requirements established to become president when they passed a bill requiring the presidential candidates to show their taxes in order to be on the ballot.  Obviously, they were referring to President Trump and would not mind denying millions of Californians the right to vote for him.  Honestly, I would not mind a background check for all presidential candidates to be assured they meet the three constitutional requirements, which are at least 35 years old, required to have lived within the United States for at least 14 years, and must be a “natural born” citizen, which would only be proved through a birth certificate.  I assume California Democrats don’t mind wasting tax payer’s dollars on frivolous lawsuits.

While California Democrats want to change the Constitution, they also don’t mind Governor Newsom putting out a video explaining to illegal aliens how to obstruct ICE.

California Democrats are also trying to remove authority from school officials by imposing AB 419, which prohibits suspensions of students “who disrupts school activities or otherwise willfully defies the valid authority of supervisors, teachers, administrators, or school officials,” beginning July 1, 2020.  I guess only 6 year old boys who steal a kiss of another girl on the playground or make a gun out of a pop tart will be allowed to be suspended.  

In New York, Democrats opposed Assembly Bill A08527, which would make it a felony to throw a substance on an officer.  Seems like Democrats want to make sure their supporters (ANTIFA and other lunatics) are not in jail on Election Day.  However, Democrats have pushed for rapist, murderers, terrorists, and others in prison to be able to still have their right to vote.

And now, if you are a rapist, murderer, or terrorist in San Francisco, you are no longer called a “convicted felon”, you are called a “justice-involved individual”.  I am sure loony Democrats don’t want to hurt their feelings while they freely defecate on the streets.  

An August Gallup poll also revealed a four percent drop in voters identifying themselves as Democrats from 31 percent to 27 percent nationwide, while those identifying as Republican or Independent has increased by two percent each to 29 percent and 38 percent.  Seems like more people are realizing they do not want to identify themselves as a lunatic Democrat.

And that is just some of the lunacy from Democrats in August 2019.

Frank Aquila