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And Trump hasnt been sworn in yet . . .
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
Well, we said we would just have to wait and see about Trump, right? I am glad we didn’t have to wait too long. The 800-some people working in the Wisconsin air conditioner factory managed to keep their jobs when Trump talked the company president into keeping his factory in the US instead of shipping it down to Mexico. And today’s news is even better. Ford decided to cancel its plans to invest $1.6 billion into a new plant in Mexico and instead keep making those cars right here, at home.
While Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters are too busy spinning their web of hatred how to sabotage the new president’s plans to kick start this economy, Trump is busy putting Joe Plumber back to work. This is what Trump promised and this is why he was elected instead of Hillary. While the Democrats are busy dreaming up more restrictions on businesses, Trump has already saved thousands of jobs for the workers of this country. Not government bureaucrats, not mindless regulators whose only goals are to throw more obstacles in front of entrepreneurs.  No, these are good paying union jobs that provide a decent wage with benefits and retirement plans.
Forget the party slogans, let’s acknowledge the tangible results.
And the man hasn’t even been sworn in yet....
I wouldn’t miss the next 4 years for all the tea in China.

Peter Vadasz