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Council passes buck to police chief
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin:

It is apparent that this council doesn’t have a solution to the homeless problem. It is also evident that they could care less about resolving the homeless problem. 

There is a lot of focus on the homeless man who parks adjacent to McDonald’s restaurant. People write to the Bulletin complaining he blocks the sidewalk with his personal gear. I pass this area a lot and I have never witnessed a complete blockage of the sidewalk by this man. I also petted his dog and found him to be a friendly dog that loves people. People have complained about his dog growling at their dogs, that’s normal behavior for a dog that is protecting his area. I bet that if you walked to the open door of the complainers their dogs would react the same way. 

I visited this man on one occasion to give him a donation. He was fixing breakfast for a homeless man and that touched me. I chatted with both the host and the man he was feeding. They told me stories of past bad treatment by this council and past police harassment. My daughter and I was at McDonald’s and we stopped and donated to him.

This man uses these donations to buy food to cook for the homeless to have a hot meal. The Bulletin fails to cover the fact that this man’s occupation was a chef. I watched him cut meat and I said to him I can see the way you carve meat that you previously worked in restaurants. He replied by telling me he was  a professional chef. He told me that he feeds anyone who is hungry. Not many who are more fortunate than this man would extend this kind of concern for mankind. It seems like there is no division of the homeless, for every homeless person is stereotyped as thieves and trouble makers in Manteca. 

It appears that this council has no solution to the homeless problem in Manteca. They just delegate the homeless problem to Police Chief Nick Obligation to resolve. This council could care less about resolving the homeless problem. 

Fleener Richards.