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Disliked Phyllis Schlafly column
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
If I was ever to discontinue my hometown paper, another long column by Phyllis Schlafly today, March 2, would be the reason. Why an editor would want to support a woman-hating-woman, I cannot fathom! Even the conservative Manteca Bulletin would not print a long diatribe against Black people, especially by another Black person! Why, then, is it okay to print a long women-hating-column by another woman?

So, Phyllis has never experienced discrimination. I am very happy for her, but why she tries to pretend that it doesn’t exist for many women, I do not understand.  She, obviously, just chooses to PRETEND it does not exist, and she covers her eyes to the fact that many, many women are still battered, and even killed, by their partners. Doesn’t she know that the United States still does less to provide good, affordable childcare than any other developed country? Doesn’t she know that most women work because they have to support their families?

Would you print a column by someone saying, in effect, “I have a nice warm home, so there are no homeless people?” Would you support someone that believes that men that are murdered probably deserved it?

Phyllis is a very clever person, able to distort facts, present them out of context, and take, not little ‘jumps,” but great “leaps to conclusions!”  I do not have the time nor resources that she has to refute her claims, one by one, but ever since I attended the first National Women’s Conference in Houston, in 1977 and Phyllis staged a counter protest, I know that Phyllis has worked tirelessly to try to stop all legislation and any government support for women’s rights. While slowing things down, she has not blocked our gains towards full equality, and she never will.
Kathryn Swain
March 2, 2010