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How do poor children travel 1,200 miles?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

With all the recent news regarding the heavy influx of Central American and Mexican “children” illegally entering the U.S., one might question the wonder of it all.  

One might wonder how all of these poor, un-educated “children” and their families managed to scrape up the thousands of Pesos needed for such a trip, i.e. to pay the Coyote, food, water, medicines etc. needed for such a hazardous journey of 1,200 miles or more. 

One might also wonder how these “children” managed to find their way from their villages to Texas without help of sorts.  I mean, folks, send your kid to the local 7-Eleven for milk and listen to the screams, huh? — but little Carlos and Juanita are expected to travel 1,200 miles, without family support, to find a border to cross, all by themselves?  

In the company of what authorities are discovering major gang members of the notorious MS13? 

Traveling on a train system owned by an American company, the Kansas City Southern Rail Network?

Huh?  Do you think maybe, just maybe, the truth of all of this happening isn’t being told to us?  Do you think that maybe, faced with Congress not passing a Immigration Reform Bill, the Pretend POTUS in the Peoples House and his leftist cronies, are not telling us everything about this and hatched up this scheme?  

Could these “children” have been transported, fed, clothed, all on the American dime and the major media networks are not able to “see” it?  Huh?  

One could also question the millions of taxpayer dollars needed for such a scheme and the subsequent billions that will be needed to house, feed, cloth, medicate, teach (and yes, incarcerate) these so called Dream Land children.

I’ll bet this wasn’t the Hope and Change most folks voted for.

Al Barth