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If Manteca isnt going bankrupt what is it doing?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

The Bulletin has published Manteca’s general fund budget is short $4.3 million for the fiscal year. Sixteen municipal workers will lose their jobs July 1. Their departure still leaves a shortage of $2.5 million

The mayor says Manteca is not going bankrupt. In my opinion, if Manteca is not going bankrupt what else can you call it? Do the people running the city not know what they are doing? They are spending money on things Manteca does not need – such as a $2 million animal shelter, a train depot, and we are not sure Manteca is going to even get train service.

Recently the city spent $89,000 for a Washington, D.C., lobbyist using redevelopment agency funds. Remember the city manager hired a buddy and created a $85,000 per year position paid using RDA funds. The city leaders say they can’t use RDA funds to run the city. Do you ever hear them say they have tried to change that? No. They apparently want to keep using that excuse. A change in leadership is perhaps needed.

Don’t remember a problem balancing last fiscal year’s budget. Oh that’s right, last year was an election year.

Richard Hanson
May 22, 2011