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Manteca saves, but what about SoCal?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Someone forgot to say nice job Manteca. So we now can build 4,500 new houses and eat up the 35% savings and then what?

Oh, we will hire two people to drive at night to see who is cheating. Another thing is there will be four people to select new rules and report findings. Manteca has met its saving by asking the residents. There are houses that the value has gone down $10,000 by letting their yards go. Something else needs to be cut because there are two canals full of water going south 24 hours a day. 

Stop the building of houses and keep the savings that we have made and look for ways to help people retain their value in their homes. Governor Moonbeam needs our water down south and at the same time says California has saved only 14% and little old Manteca has saved 35%.

 So what’s up here leaders of Manteca? What we saved others got to use it seems. Shut things down and see if it rains or next year water will cost as much as gas. Drip irrigation came to mind as I drove past a field full of 12 inches of water. Not this man’s fault as a tax break would help him and us. Let Seniors Helping Area Residents and Police volumteers check watering and make your voices heard in Sacramento. 


Lawrence W. Scrivner Jr.