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Mantecas first impression definitely isnt all that good
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,
In response to Stephen Breacain’s letter: Never once did I mention or compare Manteca to the city we just left. He missed the point of the letter altogether.
I was simply giving my opinion and a statement of fact.
In reading Dennis Wyatt’s column “About the drab, dirty town called Manteca”, he did not understand the essence of the comment about taking a trip to Livermore. Again, nowhere was I comparing Livermore/Pleasanton to Manteca. I simply stated that the mayor and council need to take a look their downtowns and make improvements to ours.
Our Mayor Stephen DeBrum should be mortified in reading these comments. The saying “you only have one chance to make a first impression” certainly applies to the disrepair of Manteca.
Take a look at our buildings (shabby), look at our roads (full of pot holes). Take a drive down Airport, Union, Lathrop, Louise, Main and Yosemite streets. What do you see? Residents that don’t take care of their properties, cars parked in front yards, weeds, unoccupied buildings, and dirty sidewalks (if in fact there is an actual sidewalk) and little or no parking downtown (we need a parking stricture).
And downtown needs venues: coffee shops (no Starbucks), barber ships, bakeries, and lots of cool restaurants.
I hope the mayor of Manteca and all the City Council read this newspaper and start to understand the people who live in Manteca do care. We want a cute, clean, nice town to call home. You, mayor, need to do your part.
Z. Andrews