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Putting President Trump’s ‘racism’ in Context through the past 50 years plus

Editor, Manteca Bulletin

So, yeah, let’s take President Trump’s racism in context.

Fred Trump, father of President Trump, is hauled off to the police station as a roundup of people attending a Klan rally.

Fast forward to the 1970s: Fred and Don Trump are both taken to court for discriminating against African Americans.

1980s: Black employees are ordered off the floor and into the back when Trump visits his casino.

1990s: Donald Trump encourages the death penalty for five black youths.

When proven innocent Trump still claims they were guilty.

2000s: Trump is the loudest voice in the birther movement; and bad-mouths blacks behind the scenes of his TV show.

2010s: Refers to black majority countries as - - - -holes, calls black congresswomen low IQ and black women reporters stupid.

More than once uses the word infested to describe African American communities.

The above are just a few of the lowlights showing Trump as a racist. (I would need the space Dennis Wyatt’s column takes to list more, but not all, the examples.) And this doesn’t even dip into his hostility toward Mexicans and Muslims. President Trump has spent a lifetime degrading people of color. His speeches regularly contain dog whistles to white supremacists. Then, when forced to disavow his separatist statements, the racists tell their like-minded comrades that it is just political expediency and that Trump really doesn’t mean it. Kind of like Trump apologists claiming he doesn’t really mean to spew blatantly racist words and phrases.

That is the context of President Trump using the well-known and obviously racist trope of telling women of color to “go back...from which they came.”

Dennis Eggink