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Taxpayers shouldnt pay for illegals health care
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I am appalled that two Hispanic legislators are proposing changes to the Affordable Care law that will allow illegal immigrants to receive the same access to health care as American citizens. 

The bill authors propose to use taxpayers (our money) to assist those that cannot pay the premiums. That contradicts the current Affordable Care Law that does not allow illegal immigrants to have access to health care under the federal law.

But, most importantly it demonstrates that the two elected State politicians view their role as representing illegal immigrants from their country, not the citizens of California whom they were elected to represent. Instead of promoting changes to the Affordable Care Law, they should be insisting the current immigration laws be enforced. 

California’s liberal Democrats should not pass a bill that will result in the use of taxpayers money. In fact, we the taxpayers should determine whether we want to subsidize health care for anyone here illegally. The people should vote on such a proposal before it becomes law.

Just because the Democrats is the majority in both the state senate and assembly does not give them the authority/right to encumber taxpayers with health care cost for those here illegally.


Robert L. Fennell
Feb. 19, 2014