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Theft & vandalizing campaign signs for any reason is wrong regardless
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I am writing to express my sincere disappointment on behalf of Ben Cantu’s campaign for Mayor, that at least one of our large campaign signs was removed from the corner of Yosemite and Commerce, and replaced by our opponent’s sign. 

Our sign had been posted at this location for several months, with the permission of the property owner. There was enough space next to Ben’s sign for other candidates to place their own signs. While we are not assigning blame to one person or one campaign, we find it disheartening that this tactic is the latest in a succession of signs being stolen or vandalized this year. 

Traditionally, candidates in Manteca respect the placement of other candidates’ signs, even those candidates who are opposing each other. This is the civil and gentlemanly thing to do. We find it unfortunate that this approach is not being respected in this particular incident. We seek a fair, clean race focused on the issues, without resorting to these tactics.

I hope that this will be the last such incident during this election. Theft and vandalizing signs for any reason is wrong, no matter which candidate it’s happening to. 

David Cushman