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Trustee portraits in schools: Ego trip?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

After attending the Jan. 13 Manteca Unified School District board meeting, I have some real concerns about our district.

Whether we agreed or disagreed with the past group of school board members, we had people who seemed to keep within the system of what was right for kids. Now what do we have? Did the majority of voters use their very refined intellectual ability to research new individuals applying for the job of board member? No, they didn’t really research at all.

A majority voted these people in when no qualifications or experiences were known. People need to do their homework.

What we see to have, in my opinion, is extreme dysfunction at the school district.

We have board members (during board meetings) naming people and criticizing them. We have people coming from Stockton (outside of Weston Ranch, which is inside our district) criticizing our personnel. We have a board member leaving the meeting while in progress, so he can be interviewed on camera (again, during the meeting). But worst of all, is the innuendo that our district has a racism problem.

Another concern is the amount of money needed to place portraits of each board member in each of our schools. Why is this needed, so everyone knows who is boss? This gives the appearance of the board being on an ego-trip. The push from board portraits comes mostly from the Stockton group.

Then two board members complain about the Weston Ranch High principal and want him fired for not working with the kids. This is a board problem and not just two individuals who claim they are the board. 

I guess now that we made our bed, we must lay on the dirty sheets. Good luck, Manteca Unified, you are going to need it.


Ed Fichtner