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When does Obama start taking responsibility?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

Last Saturday, I viewed the movie “Obama 2016” here in Manteca. While I would consider myself an informed voter, the movie gave me new insight of President Obama and a perspective of what America could look like in 2016 if he were reelected. I would highly recommend this movie to everyone regardless of your like or dislike for President Obama.

I also appreciated the letter to the paper from Frank Aquila, the president of the South San Joaquin Republicans. He carefully outlined a letter showing a side by side comparison of the Obama campaign’s sleazy attack against Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney with the hypocrisy of what Obama has actually done himself.

The letter was not well received by Larry Baca. At first I felt sorry for Baca. He has been placed in a position of defending the Obama machine which has become known as the sleaziest campaign in history. However, my sympathy was lost when Baca distorted the truth himself in an effort to defend Obama’s “fear and smear” attack against Romney. Baca changed gears and later complained that Frank’s title as President of the South San Joaquin Republicans was too long. I felt this complaint was odd.

We should look at real issues and where Obama has taken America over the past four years. He promised hope and change. Yet he has delivered and increase in unemployment, gas prices, and high deficits. Our nation’s credit rating has been lowered for the first time ever. The dollar has been devalued and America is worst off now than we were four years ago. Some will try to defend it by blaming someone else; but when does Obama take responsibility? He had a Democrat majority in Congress during the first two years to push through his agenda. With a poor record, all he has now is “fear and smear” against his opponent. Even Larry looks silly trying to defend it.

 Amy Sullivan


Aug. 27, 2012