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Why does City of Manteca do free tree trimming?
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

I am very upset to learn about the proposed budget cuts of our fire department. I do not want any more cuts to our key life saving departments. It angers me to see that our city is in such a mess! My personal experience with a city issue angers me to the root of my last nerve!

I live close to one of the fire houses and have alley access. I have a neighbor that does not keep his bushes trimmed and is a constant trouble for the painted refuse trucks belonging to our city. His bushes have not only caused damage to refuse, but to the fire trucks during abatement inspections of weed abatement. Not to mention, every other resident in the neighborhood that uses the alley at Marin behind South Powers Avenue.

As I understand it, the City Attorney had to have a bill passed or something signed from a judge to get permission to cut these bushes/trees which are not part of an easement to the city street, (three feet of not usable land). Once the lawyer completed his job, which I am sure was not free, the city maintenance team sends two workers and sometimes the police to trim these bushes because this guy is a bit crazy and has threatened the city workers. It takes city workers three to four hours to do this guy’s work (I have watched them).  This neighbor gets free bush/tree trimming a few times per year and we the taxpayers of Manteca get the bill. By my calculation, it has already cost the city over $10,000 just to get a court order plus the free trimming he already received.

Why do you not send him the bill/invoice for this trimming 3 or 4 times per year? Do any of you get free tree trimming? If so, I want that perk too! I am sure there is more than one homeowner in Manteca that gets this type of “free bush/tree trimming” and it needs to be billed to the person accordingly. If they don’t pay, cut them down! Problem solved, money saved!

If all the free trimming starts getting billed, we would have more revenue in our city. I think tree services charge $250 per visit. Do the math at four times per year is $1,000 per homeowner. Let us say there could be 20 of these homeowner violators getting free trimming. Hmmmmm, where would you spend $20,000. I realize it is not a huge amount of money, but if you look at other little things like this you could find some other places to cover revenues needed for Manteca.

Personally, I think you are trimming the wrong department! Save our fire fighters jobs and make changes to other departments.

Deb Hale
June 2, 2011