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Why he’s voting to elect Josh Harder
letter to editor

Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

First I would like to calm the concerns of any who did not put two stamps on their mail in ballot.  I called the Registrar of Voters for San Joaquin County and they said it is no problem, your mail in ballot will still be counted, and next year you will not even have to put postage on it in order to vote by mail.  How cool is that?

All who are eligible to vote will be heard if they do in fact vote.  It is obvious that the Bulletin is for the opponent of Josh Harder.  There is a lot of trash being put out by his opponent, most of it just purely untrue, or hugely exaggerated.  His opponent has a t.v. add that ends “more ($) for him (Harder), less for you.”  Really? This from an opponent whose net worth has increased $15 million since he was elected in 2010.  He is in the top five in the whole country for national politicians regarding huge increases in personal worth . His average yearly increase in income while in office the last eight years is 661% per year according to Ballotpedia.  His annual salary is $174,000.  How many of us have had an increase in our wealth anywhere close to that since his election?  Sounds a lot more accurate if his ads were to say “more for me, less for you.”  He is riding the D.C./Virginia gravy train and taking lots of money from people and corporations who want something for their cash.  Josh is taking nothing from PACs or corporations.  He will only be beholding to us.

If you prefer a congressman who is an enabler of his party leaders, even when it harms those in his district and in the country, go ahead and vote against your own interests. Josh Harder, on the other hand, was born and raised in our congressional district. He went to elementary and high school in Turlock and Modesto.  He has degrees in business from Stanford and Harvard. He understands the health issues, the high cost of renting, the need to protect our sources or water as well as the quality of water, the importance of the quality of our air, our dangerous traffic issues, and the rapidly rising costs of living here, as well as the high cost of a college education.  He is an honest man, a good man , and a  very good candidate, and that is why I am voting for Josh Harder to represent us in this district.  

Mike Killingsworth