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Would love to live on planet that Amy Sullivan lives on
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Editor, Manteca Bulletin,

After reading Amy Sullivan’s letter, “Implying police would kill teacher because he’s black”, in Wednesday’s Bulletin, in which she expresses her shock, dismay, and disgust with Larry Baca’s “racial insensitivity” for suggesting that a police officer would target a black man with a gun, I just have to say that I really want to live on the same planet that Ms. Sullivan lives on.

And this may horrify Ms. Sullivan, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Larry Baca might want to join us there in her distant, dark corner of the galaxy, far from planet Earth, where cops wouldn’t think of shooting a black man, armed or not, for apparently no reason, and unlike Earth, without alarming frequency.

If she could let me and Larry know where her strange world, where the inhabitants are either ignorant of current events or blessed with an excellent sense of humor is, I’m sure that we would both be very grateful.

Stephen Breacain