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Catholic church fosters unity with parishioners
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Wih events like picnics and festivals, St. Stanislaus Church aims to live in unity with others in the Catholic faith and with members of the broader community.

When inquired about the underlying mission of the St. Stanislaus Church in Modesto, Reverend Ramon Bejarano said that the church not only strives to live in religious unity with parishioners within the Catholic faith, but also with members of the broader community. 

“We have several outreach programs that allow us to become involved in the community,” said Bejarano. “We have groups that feed the hungry, groups that help people in need, groups of people who visit the sick in their home, but we also are connected with other Catholic churches.”

As part of the Diocese of Stockton, the parish was established in 1881 and the first St. Stanislaus Church was built in downtown Modesto in 1913. However, in 1998 when parishioners outgrew the original building, which was only able to hold approximately 500 people, the parish started a pastoral plan and saw the need for a larger space.

The result was a larger building nearby which — when completed in 2008 — expanded the capacity of the church to 1,300 people. The old church is still used for a number of religious activities, according to Bejarano.

“We have approximately 4,700 families registered with our church,” said Bejarano, “and every weekend we have eight different services, so if we count the people who come to all those services—children and adults—we have more or less than 6,000 people that come very weekend.”

Bejarano said that he has been with the St. Stanislaus Church in Modesto for the past seven years and a Catholic priest with the Diocese of Stockton for the past 17 years.

“As a pastor I make sure that everyone has guidance and I establish the mission of the parish,” said Bejarano. “I am mostly overseeing all of the work of the ministries and groups that we have in the parish community along with the other two priests that work with me.”

At both locations, the church offers Saturday Vigils, Sunday Mass, Daily Mass, Daily Convent Mass, Reconciliation or Confessions, and Adoration of the Eucharist. For specific locations and times, visit

Additionally, the St. Stanislaus Catholic School at the new church location is a preschool through eighth grade Catholic school with more 50 years of experience in educating faith filled, intellectually curious children.  Currently the school has over 200 students, with 90 percent who are Catholic and 10 percent who are non-Catholic.

“We are very privileged to have a Catholic school,” said Bejarano. “This is one of the ways that we reach out to children and their families religiously and academically.”

Overall, Bejarano said that the St. Stanislaus Church aims to provide more than just a church to parishioners and strangers alike.

“Here at St. Stanislaus Church, we offer a family, a home. We want everyone to feel at home when they come to church,” said Bejarano. “This is their family of faith and we strive to be as hospitable as possible to everyone.”