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Pet costumes safety tips
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I’m not sure when pets wearing Halloween costumes began but it has become a pretty big deal over the last few years.  Choosing the right costume from cute to scary, fancy to silly is almost like an art. As a matter of fact, I’m starting to think that pet costumes are a bigger deal and even more creative than people costumes.

 When I was on the Internet recently, I came across pictures of pets in their costumes that gave proof to my thoughts.  There was a black cat sitting perfectly still, wearing miniature fangs and bat wings fully spread as if ready for flight.  There was a small Pug clothed in a cheeseburger, complete with pickles, lettuce, tomato and a sesame seed bun. A Pug never looked so delicious. I also came across a Chihuahua dressed up like a Grande size cup of Starbucks coffee and a guinea pig dressed up like a tiny shark.  Seriously, could anything be more creative than a guinea pig dressed up like a tiny shark for Halloween?

During this time of year most stores that carry people costumes are now also carrying costumes for our four-legged friends.  Costumes such as Olaf and Elsa from the movie Frozen, Superman and Wonder Woman from DC Comics, giraffes, lions, lady bugs and the most ironic costume of all a hot-dog. 

No matter which costume, creatively homemade or store bought, a pet wearing a costume is downright adorable.  If you ask me pets in costumes just might take over Halloween all together one day but for now if you are considering dressing your dog, cat or guinea pig in a costume  consider the following safety tips by shared by Dr. Louise Murray, a veterinarian and author of  Vet Confidential: An Insider’s Guide to Protecting Your Pet’s Health.

1. Watch for Signs of Stress

Many pets enjoy dressing but some pets don’t.  When you put a costume on your pet, if you notice signs of anxiety then try something a little less stressful such as a bow or bandanna.

2. Don’t Limit Movements

Make sure your pets costume does not limit the animal’s movement, hearing, sight or ability to breathe, bark, eat, drink or use the potty.

3. Beware of Choking Hazards

Ribbons, frills, bow ties or other loose items around your pet’s neck might cause issues if it gets stuck so choose your pets costume and accessories carefully.

4. Stay Comfortable

Just like people, pets need to feel comfortable in their costume.  If your pet seems uncomfortable you may need to adjust the costume.

5.Keep a Pet’s Head Free

Your pet wants to enjoy what’s going on around him/her so make sure your pets costume doesn’t block his/her vision.

6.Keep Your Dog Close

In crowded parade settings or areas heavily trafficked by trick-or-treaters, keep your dog on a short leash.

7.Display Proper ID

Be sure your pet is wearing a proper name tag with contact information in the event he/she gets loose in a crowd on Halloween.

Not everyone celebrates Halloween but for those who do and like to include their pet, if you remember a few simple safety tips you and your adorable pet will have a fantastic Halloween together.