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Some wildflowers youll find in the 209
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During her recent commute from Stockton, Krystal Jacks recently noticed a change in the rural area east of West 11th Street not too far from South Bird Road just outside of Tracy.

As if overnight, wild mustard was suddenly in full bloom. The open field she often drove past was blanketed with the yellow wild flower from as far as the eye can see.

Acres of wildflower can be found throughout Tracy and Stockton.

In the Stockton industrial area east of Highway 99 just past Arch Road, wild mustard fields can be found in abundance between Imperial Way and Marfargoa Way. More wildflowers sprinkle the site of an abandon drive-in movie theater near Highway 99 past Clark Drive.

On the other side of the freeway at the Stockton Regional Sports Complex are more wildflowers growing around the softball / soccer facility located near the Metropolitan Airport or the vacant lots in Tracy outside the West Valley Mall or the car dealerships.

Other species of wildflowers, according to the U.S. Army Corp of Engineering, include:

• The Ithurial’s spear flower, which is one of a variety of species blooming along places such as grassland and open woods while thriving in clay soil. This wildflower is tall, attention grabbing, and often used ornamentally in suburban backyards.

• The California poppy flower is another species now in bloom. Characterized by its brilliant orange cup shape. The poppy grows best while getting plenty of full sunlight and in sandy soil.

• The bush lupin flower is a purple-flowered shrub and can be found along the coast but adaptable on inland conditions. Characteristic is the spires of deep blue-purple flowers that bloom in the spring.

• The Indian paintbrush flower is known for its bright red color and can be found along mountain meadows, stream banks, open woods or along the roadside. This wildflower requires hovering insects and birds for pollination.


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