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Wine & Roses heart of Lodi wine scene
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LODI - Sunlight peeks through the lush landscape at Wine and Roses Resort and Spa as hummingbirds dart between Deodar pine trees and macaws squawk in the distance.

Workers are setting tables in a courtyard in preparation for a wedding reception, while restaurant patrons view their progress as they are served a dungeness crab salad and shrimp risotto on an elevated balcony.

In the evening, a couple will pledge eternal love for one another in a placid setting in front of friends and loved ones. Sparkling wine will be poured, skillfully prepared hors d'oeuvres will be passed and the couple will begin their walk through life together as one.

In other words, just another day at Wine and Roses.

The hotel, restaurant and spa has grown rapidly over the past decade. From a cozy bed and breakfast to luxurious tourist destination for foreign visitors and staycationers alike, Wine and Roses has become the premier destination for rest and relaxation in Lodi.

In 1999, Wine and Roses and the Winegrape Commission signed a lease through 2018. The Wine and Visitors Center opened in August 2000. Wine and Roses has been integral to the development of Lodi's tourism industry.

The Wine and Visitors center is a spacious tasting room featuring informative displays about Lodi's climate, soil and history, as well as a bar where patrons can sip Lodi's finest.