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Fant says he was simply exercising his rights
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Does Manteca Unified School District have to worry about crazed mothers in the Fitness, Aerobic, Nutrition, Training (FANT) program endangering the safety of students at August Knodt School as the San Joaquin Grand Jury report ripping into the conduct of school trustees and how district administrators have responded infers?

Trustee Sam Fant hardly thinks so. Fant pointed out the group that consists almost exclusively of mothers of children that are dropped off just minutes earlier at the campus during the school year uses a multipurpose room that has only one door leading to the interior of the campus. In addition, four of the participants have been fingerprinted so they can serve as volunteers to make sure the exercise program adheres to district rules.

Fant noted that students and not him named the program.

“What politician wouldn’t want a program named after him?” Fant asked.

Fant noted the program aligns with district goals by encouraging parents to have healthy lifestyles so that they can work in tandem with the school to instill, in their own children.

That said, the bulk of the grand jury’s concern with the FANT exercise program was how it was implemented without following all district policies and procedures.

But as Fant pointed out, he was advocating it not running the district. In other words, from his perspective if the grand jury has fault to find it would be with the district personnel not following procedures.

Fant pictures himself as a tireless advocate that will keep pushing to make sure the needs of those in Weston Ranch are taken care of.

And for the record, Fant noted that he occasionally will take a FANT class as well.