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Now you see him & now you dont
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While the Manteca Unified website was experiencing glitches in the past few days prompting the postponement of the action items for the regular meeting on Tuesday until tonight, it didn’t stop the district from removing Alexander Bronson’s mug shot from the website leaving the mugs of only six trustees.

Bronson resigned earlier this week.

Bronson along with trustee Ashley Drain will be getting new photos taken Saturday when they are booked and then released from the San Joaquin County Jail for the various felony charges they are facing. Drain is also facing election fraud charges as well as welfare fraud and grand theft charges.

It’s doubtful that the district will be updating Drain’s website photo courtesy of the jail.

It should be noted that Bronson several months ago thought the board was wasting too much time debating whether to place photos of all the trustees in every school office so staff and parents would know who they are should trustees visit a campus.

Hopefully the district hasn’t placed the photos yet given the fact they may be losing a second trustee if a pending recall against Drain or criminal charges filed against her succeed in sticking.