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What do you do when 50 teens knock on your door?
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What would you do if 50 plus teens who have been working up a sweat by running knock on your front door?

If you are Weston Ranch High Principal Francine Baird you’d invited them into your backyard for Gatorade and a dip in your swimming pool.

That’s what happened on Friday when Manteca Unified School District Trustee Sam Fant and Cougars football coach Seth Davis staged the  First Annual “Weston Ranch Pride Run”. Over 70 youth, parents and coaches participated in the 5-mile run throughout the Weston Ranch community.

Fant said the focus was to promote unity, as well as positive and constructive outlets for the youth in the community. He noted the route consisted of  stops through some of the troubled areas of Weston Ranch, where Davis and Fant here gave words of encouragement and motivation in hopes of inspiring the youth not to take wrong paths in life. While the run was taking place, they were flanked by an officer with the Stockton Unified School Police Department who serves as the Weston Ranch school resource officer to ensure that they had a safe run.

One of the stops was at the Baird residence. Baird and her husband have been longtime Weston Ranch residents. She is the new Weston Ranch High principal.

 The participants greeted Baird and then did jumping jacks and push-ups before taking her up on her invite to cool down.

Schluer drops in

on Family Night

at WR High pool

The Stockton Kids Club is ending their successful first collaboration with the Manteca Unified School District ended  on a high note on July 24. That’s when the Friday Family Night at the Weston Ranch High swimming pool was stage. Among those present were trustees Sam Fant, Ashley Drain and Stephen Schluer along with Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva.

Silva paid out of his own pocket for inflatables such as waterslides to add a bit of pizzazz to the evening.

Silva was cheered as he won his challenge swims with the youth. In addition the families enjoyed the open swim, the water slides and a free hot dog barbeque and community potluck.

Those in attendance thanked both Stockton Kids Club and MUSD. The hope was expressed it would become an annual event for the children in the Weston Ranch community.

Bridge crossing

of SJ River to

River Islands

opens in 2016

Bradshaw Crossing in Lathrop  for the past three years has been a bridge too far — and to high — for anyone to cross.

That’s because Cambay Group built just the bridge structures for access to River Islands at Lathrop over the San Joaquin River. The bridge decks were left hanging on both sides creating a nice canopy effect for boaters on the river. They didn’t want to move dirt in place for the roadway to connect with the bridge out of concern people would access the bridge and create safety issues since traffic wasn’t expected to use it for years.

They went forward with the bridges so the numerous federal and state permits that took years to secure to allow the project wouldn’t expire. They also took advantage of lower construction costs during the Great Recession.

The plan was to leave the bridges as “canopies” until 2020. But River Islands has taken off stronger than expected. Work is now underway to connect the bridge decks to roadways. That means ultimately you will be able to take Louise Avenue into River Islands. Work should be done in 2016.  Eventually the current access from Manthey Road across the railroad tracks will be shuttered.

The road alignment that dovetails into Louise Avenue ultimately will continue westward toward the north side of Tracy.

As an added touch a pedestrian bridge over crossing of the road will be in place when the road opens. That is to allow a safe, an uninterrupted use of the greenbelt atop the levees where what arguably will be the hottest residential property in the Northern San Joaquin Valley — nearly 1,000 estate-style lots with million dollar views of the river and the rest of the valley, Sierra, and Altamont Hills.

Bradshaw Crossing enters River Islands where the town center is being developed.

Four indoor soccer

fields planned

eats of Stockton

Indoor soccer enthusiasts will soon have another venue.

Jason and Michelle Gonzalez are seeking San Joaquin County Planning Commission approval to convert an 18,000-square-foot structure that had been used by a plumbing contractor in four indoor soccer fields into phases over three years.

The first phase will use 10,000 square feet for two playing fields, a snack bar, and retail shop as well as make use of existing restrooms and an office. The remaining two fields will be put in place during  the second  phase.

The building is on the southside of Tomahawk Drive, 600 feet southwest of Teepee Drive east of Stockton.

The commission will consider the request when they meet Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the Public Health/Planning Auditorium at 1601 East Hazleton Ave. in Stockton.