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City pump malfunction triggers street flooding
Morgan-Flood-DSC top-LT
The 700 block of Garden Gate Drive flooded Friday morning along with part of Morgan Street forcing some residents to wade to their cars parked in front of homes. - photo by GLENN KAHL

Caught in the Friday morning street flooding at Garden Gate Drive and Morgan Street, one Manteca woman called a friend to help her in his hip high boots to reach her pickup truck where waters had flooded much of her lawn and driveway.

She said the flooding has occurred in the past when Manteca saw rain in the area. She said it had been previously caused by a city pump up the street that had been allegedly turned off in recent years by residents because of the noise it caused near their homes.

City maintenance workers arrived on the scene by 10 a.m. and were attempting to address the pump problem saying it hadn’t been turned off. They just had to repair it on site because of a malfunction.

Meanwhile some traffic was seen exceeding speed limits and spraying water on the parked cars, apparently not aware of the dangers of hydroplaning in the pooling of water covering the roadways.