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Attempted child abduction near McParland School third time this year
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Three phone calls were just too many for a concerned parent of a student at George McParland Elementary School.

That’s three phone calls “this year” from school authorities informing her of “attempted child abduction” incidents that have reportedly happened “at my daughter’s school,” concerned parent Tammy Craig said.

After receiving the third phone call Wednesday, “I didn’t know what to do and I was told to call (the newspaper) to see if you could raise awareness to the subject,” Craig said in her phone call.

“I think if we can raise awareness,” she added, maybe these criminal incidents involving young students as potential victims “will decrease.”

The incident mentioned by the concerned parent of the McParland School student is summarized in an alert notice issued by the Manteca Police Department, a copy of which was posted on facebook. According to the posted police alert, the School Resource Officer received a report from the principal at McParland that one of the school’s fifth-grade students “was followed by a suspicious male subject while walking to school this morning.”

The notice further indicated that the suspicious male “called out to the student and tried to get her to go over to him.” The man then followed the student “for a few blocks while trying to get her to stop.” The female student ignored the man and, after realizing how close he was, “ran the rest of the way to school,” with the suspect running the opposite direction.

The incident reportedly happened in the vicinity of Orme Lane, Abby Place and Aster Lane.

The man was described as a white male adult in his 20s of medium build, 5-foot-9  to 5-10 and unshaven but not with full mustache, and wearing a red T-shirt with a black logo on the front and block “soccer”-style shirts. Anyone who has seen this person is asked to contact the Manteca Police Department at (209) 456-8100. Anyone is also asked to report any suspicious activity not only near McParland School but also at any of the schools in the area.