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130 Manteca students perfect in state testing
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They were honored for scoring 600 in the California Standards Test.

Nearly 70 students were recognized at last Tuesday’s Manteca Unified school board meeting.

They aced the state Department of Education exams consisting of the following subject areas: English/language arts, math, science, and history/social science.

About 130 students from the district had perfect scores in the CST tests, with nearly half of those recognized at last month’s school board meeting.

District officials recently noted that the exam is often an indicator on how local students do in relation to the state content standards.

Among those recognized for scoring 600 included: Brock Elliott, Bryson Sanders (8th grade), Joshua Spooner (8th grade), Joseph Nguyen (8th grade), Zachary Zumstein (5th grade), Aisha Hussain (3rd grade), Lyza Stevens (3rd grade), Dawson Zamora (3rd grade), Angie Dao (3rd grade), Cameron Parker (4th grade), Sartaz Thind (3rd grade), Angelina Martinez (3rd grade), Ethan Enfante (3rd grade), Steven Dankiewicz (4th grade), Jacqueline Balbuena (2nd grade); East Union, Juliana Borst (11th grade); Joshua Cowell, Jacob Orner (8th grade), Solman Aniss (3rd grade), Seth Owings (4th grade), Zachary Arellano (4th grade), John Tubbs (3rd grade); Manteca High, Ronald Del Pino (10th grade), Hong Zou (9th grade).

McParland, Brooke Niendorf (8th grade), Maricruz Lozano (8th grade), Carolina Gutierrez (8th grade), Christopher Wilcox (5th grade), Kyle Niendorf (5th grade), Lindsay Dorrett (5th grade), Patricia Tajii (5th grade), Mandi Weberg (5th grade), Citlalli Moreno (5th grade), Harrison Heath (4th grade), Jadyn Snaer (3rd grade), Kelly Francesca Ball (3rd grade), Maverick Lin (4th grade), Stephanie Plumb (4th grade), Kaleigh Vautour (3rd grade), Brittney Spivey (4th grade), Gary Orr (2nd grade), Ryan Lee (6th grade), Michael Lozano (6th grade), Xochitl Alvarez (6th grade); Mossdale, Jiwoo Kim (4th grade).

Neil Hafley, Will Davis (4th grade), Natalie Karim (5th grade), Zion Munoz (4th grade), Christian Riley (7th grade), Samuel Nieves (3rd grade); New Haven, Clarissa Medrano (8th grade), Adriana Baldibia Bejar (8th grade), Emma Rice (5th grade), Kaori Rice (5th grade), Ragan Fowzer (4th grade), Gino Campiotti (4th grade), Christian Tapia (3rd grade), Joseph Hardy (3rd grade), Taylor McIntyre (4th grade); Shasta, Gilbert Franco (5th grade), Makenna Condit (3rd grade); Shasta High, Jasmine Currimao (11th grade), Michaela Hayes (11th grade), Michael Pam (11th grade); Stella Brockman, Aaron Thiel (8th grade), Miranda Becerra (5th grade), Dennis Iljincika (4th grade), Bryanna Gavino (3rd grade), Karanjap Kahlon (2nd grade), Jose Perez Picon (4th grade), Cyrus Hunter (3rd grade).