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Sam Fant facing censure from fellow trustees
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Facebook could be getting another Manteca Unified School District board member in trouble.

Sam Fant is facing possible censure from his fellow board members. It is over  how he used postings on Woodward School office employee Debbie McLarty’s Facebook of a widely published Reuters photo of President Obama with a fly on his forehead taken on Jan. 24, 2013 in the State Dining Room of the White House as well as photos of her son’s Dukes of Hazard themed birthday party complete with Confederate flags to imply she was a racist.

The board when they meet at 7 o’clock tonight will consider a resolution involving the employee complaint based on an investigation conducted by a Sacramento lawyer. After deciding on that resolution they will then consider appointing a board committee to review and discuss censure resolution against Fant.

Censure is simply considered a strongly worded expression of severe disapproval in a formal statement or document. It would have no bearing on his status as a board member.

The board meets at the district office, 2271 W. Louise Ave.

The Fant controversy follows on the heels of fellow trustee Ashley Drain’s various statements on her Facebook page attacking Weston Ranch High staff for actions against a  student that she described as “culturally insensitive” and implied were racist as well.

Drain is facing felony charges involving election fraud for allegedly lying about her residence when she filed for a seat on the Manteca Unified School District board. A Secretary of State investigation found cause to show that she had perjured herself on the nomination forms. She also faces grand theft and welfare charges as well. She was scheduled to enter a plea last week but asked for more time to secure another lawyer.

Trustee Alexander Bronson told the court last Thursday he was innocent of charges that he also committed election fraud  by perjuring himself by listing on his nomination papers an address he had never lived at to qualify to run for the board. Both Bronson and Drain were residents of Stockton Unified School District at the time.

Bronson and Drain referenced the same Manteca address that neither had ever resided. Bronson registered to vote July 31 using that address and filed candidacy papers using that address on Aug. 5. Drain registered to vote on Aug. 5 using a Weston Ranch address then a day later filed her candidacy papers forgetting that she had registered to vote in Weston Ranch as demonstrated by first putting down the same Manteca address that Bronson did and then crossing it out and putting in place the Weston Ranch address.  

Organizers of a recall against Bronson and Drain have indicated they may use the public comment portion of tonight’s board meeting to serve them notice that they have collected enough signatures to force a recall.