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Kids man lemonade stand for cancer research
LemonsDSC 2407a
Three sixth graders sell pink lemonade on a pink-colored table along with poppy seed cupcakes earning money for cancer research. It was all the idea of Hannah McMurtrey, left, who was joined by Jeff Wynn and Anny Larson. - photo by GLENN KAHL
Three 11-year-old sixth graders were anything but bored on their week’s vacation from school as they set up a lemonade stand that was bringing in big bucks.

They had collected nearly $70 by Thursday morning.

Hannah McMurtrey, a student at Woodward Elementary School, came up with the idea for the little “cancer crusade” using all pink in her stand.  There was a pink table cloth, pink straws and of course pink lemonade – served with an elbow straw in a medium-sized paper cup.

Joining Hannah were her friends Anny Larson and Jeff Wynn all possessing above average sales skills.  The table was complete with brochures from the American Cancer Society.

Anny said she and Jeff came along “because we just wanted to help out.”  She said she knows a little about cancer and its effect on people through talking to her grandpa, Dr. Melford Larson.

Jeff added he thought it was a great idea to raise funds. He wanted to be involved because his mom had suffered from breast cancer twice hoping he could make a little bit of a difference for other moms.

Jeff says he hopes to become a chef someday and has been practicing at home.  The two girls chimed in saying he makes good sugar and chocolate chip cookies.  While at a relatively young age, all three will tell where they plan to go to college – just ask.

The lemonade stand had two locations.  First it was set up on Sierra Creek Drive near Button Avenue in the Discovery Creek neighborhood.  On Thursday the kids moved their stand to the 1600 block of Vasco Avenue.