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10 Japanese exchange students visiting Manteca
Hosting Families  DSC_7451.jpg
Manteca and Lathrop host families gathered at the Manteca Historical Society Museum Monday night for an orientation to their hosting of 10 Japanese students with the Group Homestay Program as part of the Cultural Homestay International. - photo by GLENN KAHL/The Bulletin

Ten Japanese exchange students arrived in Manteca on Sunday a four week-long stay with host families while they attend classes at Manteca High School and enjoy excursions throughout Northern California.

All 17 years old, they have had three to six years of English classes to prepare them for coming to the U.S.   

Today the exchange students will begin the day with American students attending English as a Second Language Class in the morning.  The schedule for Wednesday involves a day excursion while Thursday is a tour of Manteca and its murals in addition to attending another English as a Second Language class at Manteca High School. They will be in class at MHS on Friday as well as visiting a Manteca business.

On Saturday and on Sunday the students will enjoy “hanging out” with their host families and learning the traditions of each other’s cultures.

Koki Kamihigoshi will be staying in the home of Dee and Reed Banks.  Rino Higashi and Chicharu Hashima are being hosted in the home of Erika and Robert Menendez. Kureha Ogami and Haruka Kobayshi are staying in the home of Jackie Smith. Rin Takezaki and Mai Tazoko are the guests of Judy and Lee Weeden. Keita Nishidamari and Daichi Matsumoto are going to spend their month in Manteca with Candy and Tom Haskell. Mayuko Tajitsu is going to be in the home of Merifrancine and Rick Valenzuela and Rika Nishidome will be with Oscar and Gina Benevidas.

Over their four weeks stay the students will also visit an elementary school, visit the police and fire departments, visit a retirement home and on their final Friday they will be the central focus of their farewell party and experience cultural exchanges with Manteca High students. 

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