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Neighborhood proposed along Airport Way southwest of Manteca golf course
yosemite greens work

A new neighborhood along Airport Way is being advanced as the largest concentration of duplex units ever built or proposed in Manteca.

The plan is to build up to 123 residences — almost all duplexes although some may be detached single family homes – on 13.2 acres on the east side of Airport Way north of Yosemite Avenue.

It is immediately south of the 99-home Yosemite Greens project that is now underway with sound wall and infrastructure work on the southeast corner of Airport Way and Crom Street. The duplex project will also back up to the southwest corner of the Manteca Golf Course.

There will be 9.6 units per acre roughly double the density of a typical single family home neighborhood.

The typical lot size will be 30 by 70 feet with the maximum foot print of residences covering the lots at 70 percent.

The neighboring Yosemite Greens will also have smaller lots. That subdivision features typical lots of 43 by 75 feet compared to “standard lots” that tend to be 60 by 100 feet in areas of Manteca that do not have so-called McMansions built on lots ranging from 8,000 to 12,000 square feet.

The duplex endeavor would require widening Airport Way by adding enough paving for two northbound lanes. That would mean Airport Way once the project is built would be two lanes wide heading north to Louise Avenue.

Yosemite Greens is constructing new northbound lanes. Airport Way is already wide enough for two north bound lanes from Crom Street to Louise although the pavements is in somewhat of disrepair.

Ground is expected to break in the coming months on 760-home Villa Ticino West neighborhood on the southwest corner of Louise Avenue and Airport Way. That project will do work that will make Airport Way four lanes wide north and south of Crom Street.

Whether the duplexes will be sold as half-plexes is not clear although that is the trend. The initial map also shows the developer creating separate lots for each side of the duplexes.

If that occurs, it will be a largest cluster of half-plexes than the 112 being advanced by Richland Communities for a project to convert the Hat Ranch vineyards southeast of Woodward Park into at least 739 homes.

 There has not been at half-plex project in Manteca since 2005 when a dozen or so were built on Pearl Place off of Alameda Street west of Walnut Street.


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