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The shaded area slashed with brown lines is the proposed Lumina Project that would add 157.5 acres and 827 homes to the City of Manteca.
Map lumina1
The shaded area slashed with brown lines is the proposed Lumina Project that would add 157.5 acres and 827 homes to the City of Manteca.

Add another 827 homes to the roughly 6,000 single family lots already entitled or in the approval process that have yet to be built in Manteca.

A proposal is now being vetted to annex 157.53 acres — almost all on the southwest corner of Airport Way and Woodward Avenue — into the city limits.

Known at the Lumina Project, if it is built it will introduce several firsts to Manteca.

*It will include 22 Motor Court lots. This is where a cluster of four free standing homes share a common entrance driveway and then have their own separate driveways. Several neighborhoods in Mossdale Crossing in west Lathrop have such housing.

*Lumina will feature the smallest tract lot ever in Manteca at 2,746 square feet. It will be among the 87 Motor Court lots that also includes lots starting at 3,245 square feet.

*It will include 13.2 acres of open space including “twin” parks with a combined 9.6 acres in the middle of the subdivision that will be separated by the main entrance street from Airport Way. One park will be designed to accommodate a multi-use play field large enough to accommodate soccer.

Not part of the subdivision per se but included in the annexation proposal are six existing homes north of Woodard Avenue to the west and another nine existing homes along the northwest corner of Woodward Avenue and Airport Way. Under San Joaquin Local Agency Formation rules annexations can’t create islands hence the inclusion of the 15 homes.

Bella Terra Drive will extend south to create the only access to Lumina from Woodward Avenue. Two streets in the Terra Ranch project that border the project will be extended into Lumina.

There will be two streets that access Airport Way. The main entrance, which is closest to Woodward Avenue, will have a roundabout.

There are no access roads to the south as the project bumps up against the cross levee also known as a dry levee.

The proposed zoning for the six homes to the west on Woodward would be residential. The nine existing lots on the northwest corner of Airport Way and Woodward are almost all envisioned as commercial general with the largest parcel being proposed for commercial mixed use zoning.

The subdivision would be built in four phases. There are 32 lots of 10,000 square feet or more, 120 lots of 6,000 square feet, 191 lots of 5,000 square feet, 67 of 4,500 square feet, 208 of 4,000 square feet, 122 of 3,375 square feet and the 87 motor court lots.

The area being developed is farmland except for two existing houses as well as barns and sheds.


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