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86,000 car trips: Good sign for advertisers
This electronic messaging sign with Rohnert Park’s name and city logo is along Highway 101.

The fact the 120 Bypass through Manteca has an average of 86,000 vehicles a day using it is a good sign for advertisers using billboards.

And to lure private sector companies in the outdoor advertising business, Manteca wants to offer city property along the 120 Bypass and Highway 99 corridor for the placement of electronic messaging signs.

The staff report for tonight’s Manteca Planning Commission for an ordinance that would make such signs possible indicated it would allow the city to have a freeway orientated city identity features along the freeways. Additionally it would “generate civic price, identity, a sense of place, and secure a new, stable stream of revenue.”

Electronic message signage will be required to allow any and all public service messages requested by the city. The percentage of time public service messages and notices will be to the satisfaction of the city manager.

The sign would have to be maintained in such a manner the screen is in full functioning order at all times. The community development director will determine if the sign needed to be turned off and repairs made.

Such signs would require the base or supporting structure to have the word “Manteca” along with the city logo incorporated into the design.

The planning commission meets tonight at 7 o’clock livestreamed over the city’s website.


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