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Alpine Climbing & Fitness center looks to build in Ripon

The Ripon Planning Commission will meet Monday in the Council Chamber, 259 N. Wilma Ave.

Commissioners will look at the request for a conditional use permit for the Alpine Climbing and Fitness Center.

According to Director of Planning Ken Zuidervaart, the use permit is being required for the facility due to the proposed height of a portion of the building, which calls for a 55-foot roof height in the proposed 2.23 acre parcel off of Garrison Way in a mixed use district.

Plans also calls for the building to be steel framed so that the interior can have some free span areas for the rock climbing fixtures and structures.

The proposed development would be located at 1441 Canal Blvd.

The other agenda item at the 6 p.m. open session is a major site review for a two-story commercial structure with a utility building and a courtyard on two parcels in the northwest corner of Second Street and North Stockton Avenue.

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